Photo by my awesome friend  Malinda .

Photo by my awesome friend Malinda.

This here's a repository for my musings
as I read, write, and play. 



This works for me, for now.




I've been caught unawares
by cut time in pit orchestras.
I've stitched costumes more
painstakingly than shop
supervisors would have liked.
Formerly a scholar-practitioner
in theatre (still a fan).
Currently a compulsive reader.
Super convenient, as I'm also
a contributor at
Book Riot 
where I frequently write
about comic books.



At fourteen years old, I fell hard
for a sixteen year-old whom
I'd only seen from a distance.
Ten years later, we vowed to
like like each other 'til death.
And we've been crushing
marriage ever since
(it's not hubris if it's true).
Today, we live in New York with
our toddler daughter and two cats
(Jean-François Lyotard,
and Jean-François' cat W. G. Grace
...but we just call him Gilbert).



I'm trying to get into Jack Benny
(ew, no, not like that) but I keep
coming back to Burns and Allen.
Playing my flute seems like it'd
be too loud for the neighbors,
so I've taken up mandolin.
I've knit enough scarves,
and I'm just waiting to feel like
learning socks (wearing them
has so far proved uninspiring).
Puberty ended my pre-
professional ballet training,
but now I dance for funsies.