I'm conflicted about neutering Gilbert.  Nooooo---I have to say "getting Gilbert neutered" or else I imagine myself performing a surgery for which I am woefully undertrained.  Reset.

This.  This is the guy.

This.  This is the guy.

I'm conflicted about getting Gilbert neutered.

There are so many reasons why getting him neutered is a good decision.
--It's in compliance with the law (New York City requires all shelter adoptees to be sterilized; Gilbert was too ill for surgery when we adopted him off the euthanasia list, but he's all better now and his waiver is expiring soon).
--Should he ever be on the lam, he'll be less likely to get into a rumble.
--He won't ever develop testicular cancer.
--Maybe he'll stop scratching the one piece of Crate & Barrel furniture we own.
--I will always be the only female in his life.
--I can check an item off my to-do list.

However, I worry about making such a life-changing choice for someone who is fairly autonomous but unhappily lacks the language skills to discuss the procedure and its outcomes.

It's going to happen (in about half an hour); I'm just saying I'm surprised by how uncomfortable it makes me.

AuthorMaria Cristina Garcia
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